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Customer Satisfaction

"Our customers are at the heart of our organization"

About Us

Since 2012, G&J has been owned and operated by its founders, Gabrielle and Janice Gipson. We are licensed in Tennessee and certified with the Governor’s Office of Diversity (GODBE), National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), The City of Memphis, and Shelby County. G&J was born from the need for minority/ woman- owned contractors in the mid- south. Gabrielle and Janice decided to unite their unique mother- daughter bond with 30+ years of combined experience for a team of their own. We take pride in being a family business and we love the challenge and diversity that this field allows. It is our fundamental business philosophy to provide high satisfaction and cost- effective service to our customers. Keeping in mind that our customers represent a broad cross- section of needs, we are committed to fulfilling the trust you have placed in us by meeting each job we do for you with enthusiasm and imagination. Given the opportunity, we would love to demonstrate how our many years of experience can assist you.

Our customers are at the heart of our organization. Therefore, we utilize every given opportunity to provide thorough and individualized service that exceeds the expectations and needs of each of our customers. Our project teams work hand in hand with the customers to promote and facilitate open communication, thus leading to prosperous construction projects.

Cost-Effective Service

We understand the importance of maintaining cost during a project. Bearing that in mind, all parts involved in the construction process from the owners to the estimators, office staff, field craftsmen, suppliers and subcontractors are all urged to champion their expertise and experience to guarantee that costs do not exceed the established framework given by the project owners and general contractors. We do this to ensure that the customer is more than satisfied with our price to performance ratio.


It is the policy of G & J Contractors, LLC, to perform work in the safest manner possible, and consistent with the concept that people as well as property are valuable assets. The goal ofour safety program is safety through strict compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws relating to occupational safety and standard health regulations. It is also the policy ofG & J Contractors, LLC, to enact and enforce rules and procedures to achieve this goal. It is a major goal and responsibility of G & J Contractors, LLC, to provide initial training for new employees and refresher training for all current employees. Accomplishing this goal requires that every person involved in the execution of the Project work closely with G & J Contractors, LLC, to promote strict adherence to the rules and regulations pertaining to the Project. An Enforcement Program is in place to monitor these regulations.

G & J Contractors, LLC, believes that all workers employed by G & J or their Subcontractors have the right to the following: (I) work under concerned management and supervisory personnel. (2) work with the proper training and tools. (3) work in an atmosphere that will allow them to devote their energies to their work with a minimum exposure to injury.

The execution of all operations with an end toward prevention of accidents shall be an integral part of our general management philosophy.

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